Jun 21, 2015

✴ Vintage Sleaze

Vintage Sleaze

Rocking Jewelry for Ladies with an Attitude! Handcrafted in France with Love ♥ since 2008.

Hello Betties

I've always loved retro lingerie deeply, more that any other kind of lingerie.
Retro underwears were so much more classy to me, they looked great on all body shapes and damn so sexy
with this extra "do not touch" attitude.

I mean the bullet bra ladies... this was the most temperamental bra ever made!
You did not want to mess with a woman pointing out her feminism that way.

I was nostalgic about those vanished beauties, so I decided to bring them back to life in my own little way
but in a way that all people can actually see your lingerie without showing too much of your assets
this by creating a naughty jewelry collection.

I'm happy to say that those babies have recieved a real positive welcome by my lovely customers and a massive support by some of today best retro lingerie inspired brands, such as What Katie Did who kindly shared my creations on their social networks claiming to be obsessed by this Vintage Sleaze collection.
Long time master of retro lingerie Chantal Thomass that I admire deeply, has also been showing positive interest about this collection. If you know those lingerie brands you can imagine how proud this made me feel about my little creations.

First set of jewelry has been inspired by Bettie Page famous fetish lingerie
Bettie's Bullet Bra, Corset, Brassiere & Girdles without forgetting the heels to finish the look of course.

I really wanted a Bettie Page Revival shooting to introduce this collection,
it was important for me to have a model who would remind me of miss Page
I chose Glitter Paradise's french model Abby Nouze and she totally made it happen.

Bettie Forever!!

 Necklace: Bettie's Bullet Bra  Earrings: Bettie's Fetish Heels  Ring: Bettie's Fetish Corset  Brooch: Girdles & Heart Black
Model: Abby Nouze ✴ Photo: Bell's Pinup

Glitter Paradise's beautiful Canadian Model Ruby Roxx
featuring the Bettie's Bullet Bra Necklace & Bettie's Fetish Heels Earrings
 Necklace: Bettie's Bullet Bra  Earrings: Bettie's Fetish Heels
Model: Ruby Roxx ✴ Photo: Pin-Up Perfection

Featured Creations
 Necklace: Bettie's Bullet Bra                    Earrings: Bettie's Fetish Heels

 Brooch: Girdles & Heart Black

The following sleaze is something more art deco inspired, sharper & elegant.
The Bettie's Brassiere & Girdles comes in Red or Gold as a set of two matching brooches.

Here featured in Red by Glitter Paradise's Serbian Model Dorothy Dew
 Brooches Set: Bettie's Brassiere & Girdles Red 
Model: Dorothy Dew ✴ Photo: Aleksandra Poguberov

 Brooches Set: Bettie's Brassiere & Girdles Red  

Here featured in Gold by Glitter Paradise's American Model Vivian Vega
 Brooches Set: Bettie's Brassiere & Girdles Gold 
Model: Vivian Vega ✴ Photo: Gary Guy

More Sleaze...

 Brooch: Bettie's Bullet Bra Black                    Brooch: Bettie's Bullet Bra Pink
 Brooch: Girdles Heart Pink                    Brooch: Bettie's Bustier Noir
 Necklace: Bettie's Bullet Bra Pink            Brooch: Bettie's Fetish Heels Pink

 ♥ Thanks to What Katie Did for their kind support 

We're obsessed with this lingerie inspired jewelry from @glitterparadise !!! Made with love in France! Manageress @ashleeta just ordered a set!! #glitterparadise
Posted by What Katie Did on Monday, 26 January 2015
The full range of @glitterparadise's fetish collection! Looks just like our Laurie Corset and and Kate Longline Bra!! Head to her Instagram to get your own set!!! #glitterparadise
Posted by What Katie Did on Monday, 26 January 2015

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