Jun 20, 2015


Glitter Paradise's Exotica Collection

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For all the Hula Girls out there dreaming of a tropical paradise.

Let's swim to the turquoise lagoons surrounded by mystic tikis & wild hibiscus.
Let's drink piña colada and dance into the fire under the moonlight bejeweled of Glitter Paradise.

This is one of my first Tiki and Hibiscus creation's set
Tiki and Hibiscus NecklaceTiki and Hibiscus Earrings, Palm Leaf Ring and Tiki HairFlower.

Full set is featured by Glitter Paradise's Beloved Model and Tiki Queen
the beautiful Acid Doll.
This amazing shoot has been made by talented photographer & partner in crime Damona-Art.

This is the first Glitter Paradise's Tiki Shoot, it has been released first back in march 2012 over social networks and published soon after on the cover of great American pin-up magazine Drive-In with 3 double pages inside.


 Necklace: Tiki and Hibiscus  Earrings: Tiki and Hibiscus  Ring: Palm Leaf
Model: Acid Doll ✴ Photo: Damona-Art

 Necklace: Tiki and Hibiscus
 Earrings: Tiki and Hibiscus
 Ring: Palm Leaf

Published in Drive-In Magazine
Issue#9 - May 2012 - Tiki Swimsuit Edition

 Necklace: Tiki and Hibiscus  Earrings: Tiki and Hibiscus  Ring: Palm Leaf
Model: Acid Doll ✴ Photo: Damona-Art ✴ Magazine: Drive-In

Hope you loved this little trip into the wild
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